Who are we at Trithon Sport

Trithon Sport offers everything that is needed for workout in an active everyday life. We are a service-oriented company that, in addition to supplying exercise equipment for private individuals, is also a Danish distributor of the Spanish fitness brand Bodytone, that makes exercise machines for gyms and fitness centers. We can provide complete gyms with full installation and subsequent service and we continuously get new ideas and new opportunities for agreements with both business and private customers.

Most of our sales today are through the Internet. It is therefore important that our customers trust us and that we can deliver the agreed equipment to the customer's expectations. We have many satisfied customers and we are proud to have good reviews on Trustpilot and other places where training enthusiasts meet and exchange experience with purchasing training products

Trithon Sport butik i Frederikssund

We ship daily from our own warehouse - to both Denmark and the rest of Europe

Our warehouse is constantly being filled with new and exciting things for training. By having as many items as possible in stock, it’s easier for us to serve our customers and offer them their equipment quickly. In addition to daily warehousing, we also have a smaller store where much of the equipment can be seen and tried out. However, it's not all we have in the store, so if there are special requests to see certain products, you can contact us so we can make sure that we have what you want to see is in the store

We continually get new goods and in addition to the regular suppliers in Denmark, we also import goods from abroad and also have our own production of quality leather belts, knee ties and other sports equipment. This means that we can compete in price and quality and if there are special requests from the customers, we can produce this as needed.

We pack every day from our own warehouse where it is also possible to come and pick up the goods - and thus save the freight. We do not sell from the warehouse unless agreed in advance. We ship goods with GLS and freight men and ship both to Denmark and abroad.

If you want to set up a fitness center we can help you with this. We supply, set up, dispose of waste and can also offer service agreements for maintenance of the equipment in the future.

We also offer attractive leases where you can get a complete gym for a monthly amount, which we agree on with the customers' desire for the equipment they need for the gym.

We regularly receive inquiries from customers and training enthusiasts who want new things. We like to hear from you, and we usually have the opportunity to get these things in stock.

Without ideas and inspiration from our customers, it would not be possible to keep expanding the assortment to the best possible.

All of our supplements are 100% legal and can be used for both amateurs and elite athletes, just as our equipment is of the highest quality. If errors occurs in our products, there is of course an exchange guarantee or the opportunity to get the money back


We hope you will shop with us, trust us and recommend us to others!

Trithon Sport
All you need for gym equipment



Need a new gym?

Are you looking for a new gym for your employees, the local association or a new fitness gym?

Trithon Sport can deliver what you need and can give you a good price on a total package. Give us a call or write to us and we can talk more about what exercise equipment to use.

Remember that gyms can be deducted and that employees are glad to save a fitness subscription and workout after work instead. In addition, healthy employees also provide fewer sick days, so this can only be recommended. No matter how little or much you want to make of it, we can help you on the right path in the jungle of equipment you can choose.

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Who are we at Trithon Sport?

Thank you for shopping with us. You will meet us and our competencies at different stages of your order. From the order being placed, where you talk to sales in connection with offers for larger gyms or just general questions for different products and for the packaging of the order, different people will help you through the process and make sure you get exactly what you want.

Trithon Sport kundeservice

Mette and the girls


When you call our main number you will talk to the girls in customer service. They will help you and if there is anything they cannot answer they will send you to the right person.

Michael Nielsen


If you need a new gym, buy equipment for an existing gym or if you just have questions about some of our cool exercise equipment, Michael is ready to talk to you..

Dan Jørgensen


If we have a service agreement with you regarding maintaining your gym or if we come by and install some things for you, it's Dan you’ll meet.

Morten Jakobsen


Morten is also helping to get our equipment installed at the companies that choose to have us install their new training equipment

Rebekka Andersen


When your orders need to be packed, Rebekka is one of them who makes sure that the goods arrive to the right places and that things are in control.

Laura Zimmermann


Laura also helps to get the daily packages sent to people shopping with us.


Our warehouse on Tåstrupvej 7

Trithon Sport sells training equipment where we started in a small shop on Havnegade 7 in Frederikssund in 2011; but as we constantly get new goods and send some goods to our customers, we have our central warehouse at Tåstrupvej 7 in Store Merløse at the same address as the pen factory Eskesen A / S. Not all items are fit, so if there are some items that customers needs but have nevertheless ordered, you will be notified immediately if it takes a few extra days to fix your order.

It is possible to pick up goods in the warehouse for those who want to save the freight on the website. As a rule, it is not possible to walk around and look at the warehouse, as most things are packed in cardboard boxes without prices and are not ready for display.

Of course, it can be agreed that you can come and look at bars, weight plates and other heavy things that you would like to try out before buying it, but in that case we have to arrange it in advance so that we can find the for you.

Et blik på hylden af lageret

The hidden store at Havnegade 7

Yes, it's hard to find - the shop on Havnegade 7 in Frederikssund. Here, Trithon Sport opened in 2011 in a small back room, and as we grew, we moved down to the industrial area with most of the equipment. However, we have kept the back room, which is located in the "Hair By Dibber" hairdressing salon, as many customers want to see the things before buying it. And yes - you have to go to the hairdresser to see the goods we have.

The room is small and we have put as many of the most popular products in here, so everyone can come by without agreement and see, touch and buy straight away. We accept payment cards and mobile payments, but it is far from all the products that you can see on http://www.trithon.dk, that is also present in the shop. There will be most of accessories like gloves, balls, straps for weight lifting, and other things you need for training.