Smith rack

Rack like smith machine for squat, shoulder press, bench press and similar strength training exercises in the gym. The Smith stand ensures a safe workout where you can always lock the bar if you can no longer lift the weight, and thereby avoid dropping the bar on your body. The bar runs on rails up and down in a straight line.

The rack has room for weight plates storage in the rear holders and is designed for standard 50 mm weight plates, which are in all commercial gyms and fitness centers.

The Smith machine is also equipped with a powerful pullup bar, so you can make free body swells in the machine. Elastic can also be put on the pullup bar if you want help with squat, pullup and similar exercises
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Safe stand for doing squats, bench press, shoulder press and similar exercises in a stand, where you can put the bar in place if you can't take multiple repetitions without risking dropping the bar on your body.

Dimensions Height: 220 cm Width (including holders): 215 cm Depth: 145

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Trithon


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