Clubbell handle for bottles - 2 pcs

Do you want to train with clubbells on the travels but you do not have room for the different sets? Look here - these handles are screwed onto the water bottles and you can fill them with the weight you want.

Smart adjustable pawlavandle clubbell system from Heroic Sport. The handles fit all sparkeling water bottles. Water bottles with sparkles have powerful screw caps, and these handles can be screwed in place instead of the caps. At the end of the handles you can fasten the plug.

Fits bottles like Coca Cola, Fanta, sparkeling water bottles etc.
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Product Description


Clubbell Bottle Handle - 2 pieces can be screwed on bottles where there has been soda or similar soft drinks in before. Bottles with sparkles have more powerful screw caps than regular bottles, and can therefore be used as clubbells for Indian club training

Train strength, flexibility and coordination with clubbells.