Colored bumperplate weight plates 25 kg - red

The colored bumperplates are weight plates for dead lift, squats and similar strength training, where you need high quality weight plates that fits all standard 50 mm olympic barbells.

The weight plates are available from 5 to 25 kg and are sold individually. It is possible to combine the weight plates with 5 kg bumperplates or smaller fraction weight plates from 0.5 to 2.5 kg so you can workout with the intervals you want.

The colored bumperplates are tested to handle a minimum of 20,000 drops from head and down to the weight lifting platform and all the weight plates are easily recognized by the international IWF colors from green (10 kg), yellow (15 kg), blue (20 kg) and red ( 25 kg) so it is easy to change the plates to see how much weight is on the rod.
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Colored bumperplate weight plates are available:
10 kg (green)
15 kg (yellow)
20 kg (blue)
25 kg (red)

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Trithon


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