DKTRI Long Haul Timer

Interval for the long workout. This model Long Haul timer shows the time in hours, minutes and seconds and has the option to count up or down in the range you want - up to 99 hours.

The watch can be used in training centers as a regular range with the usual 20/10 TABATA intervals where you exercise for 20 seconds and last 10 seconds and further programs like Fight Gone Bad and even the ability to make their own intervals with what you want.

Displays one in clear LED with clear numbers and is suitable for indoor training centers.
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Good watch for you who will train in intervals or just as stopwatch. The clock has 6 digits and shows the time as HH: MM: SS so you can train up to 99 hours and still watch the clock. When the clock is not in use, it can be used as a normal clock displaying the clock.

Includes remote control and power supply to the clock. The watch can not work on batteries, but requires 220 volts.

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Trithon


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