Figure 8 straps

Supreme death lift and pullup straps on the bar. These straps are put on the wrist, around the rod and back on the wrist again for a 100% safe grip on the rod.

The special locking mechanism of these straps makes it advisable to use these for dead lifts, where you do not risk throwing the rod after the lift.

The straps lock perfectly around the wrists, so you can not throw the rod if you want it before it is still on the ground again.Cotton straps with neoprene protection on the inside so they minimize the wrist.
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Practical strap in 8-spoke system, where the wrist is locked to the bar before the lift. You do not have to concentrate on winding the end of the straps around the bar and locking, as the system locks itself. Note that these straps are not allowed to use in competitions.