DKTRI strength bands

Quality strength bands for use in fitness and strength training.

DKTRI strength bands are 104 cm in diameter, and all the rubber bands can be combined if desired for a specific type of resistance.

The resistance of the strength band is measured in kg and has nothing to do with the practitioner's current weight, but just a way to measure the strength of the rubber band. Each elastic band has its own color and width that determines how strong it is. The red rubber band is the easiest to stretching, etc. and the orange is primarily for weightlifters.
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Strength Band - Red XX Light
Strength Band purple - X Light
Strength Band Green - Light
Strength Band Blue - Medium
Strength band Orange - Heavy
Strength Band - Black X Heavy

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Red strength band :
This band has a resistance in the range of 2-20 kg and the wide span makes it suitable for easy shoulder training and exercises the desired extent.

Purple strength band:
The purple strength elastic band is nominated for providing a resistance of 10 to 35 kg. The rubber band can be used for stretching and exercises where you want variable resistance such as body pullups and the like

Green strength band:
This band is the most used rubber band to pull ups and exercises where a medium stiff resistance is needed. The resistance is set to be between 20 to 55 kg and is perfect for people weighing 65 and 90 kg wishing to make pullups with a little extra help.

Blue strength band :
This strength band is relatively strong and provides a resistance of between 30 - 70kg. A good rubber band for persons weighing over 100 kg and who want to train with their bodyweight pullups, dips and similar exercises

Orange strength band :
Resistance between 30-80 kg. Perfect when used as lower portion help of squats or exercises in which one wants more resistance in the upper half of the exercise like deadlift.

Black strength band :
Resistance between 35-90 kg. Installed in power racks and can train reverse band squat or other heavy resistance - definitely for powerlifters and the like.

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Additional Information

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