TR2 Elite WL bar - 20 kg

The TR2 Elite barbell has a medium sharp knurling feel that won't shred the skin of your legs and neck and a center knurl together with WL markings. The grip is 28 mm and the bar is 220 cm long with a weight of 20 kg - perfect for professionel gyms.

The bar is made og the highest quality steel with a tensile strength of 216,000 PSI, which means that it takes 216,000 pounds per square inch of pressure to break the bar. In other words - these bars don't bend.

The TR2 Elite WL barbell has a great "whip" with good flexibility while still being stiff enough for all sorts of training with barbells. It is ideal for weight lifting and functional training. The bar is fitted with copper bushing that are gel lubricated and maintenance. The bars can be stored in both a horisontal and vertical stand without the lubrication runs out of the sleeves.

All the barbells in our TR2 and TR3 series has been tested in a hydraulic machine with a pressure of 1,500 lb after which the bar must return to a straight condition with a maximum deviation of 0.3 mm. The TR2 and TR3 series bar won't bend og break unless they are severely abused.

The bars also come in a female version with 25 mm grip and 15 kg weight.
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Product Description


  • 216.00 PSI tensile strength and 206.000 PSI yield strength - these bars dont bend or breakl
  • 20 kg barbell with 28 mm shaft and center knurl
  • Maintenance free gel lubricated bronche bushing with great spin

Additional Information

Additional Information

Vælg model Dame - 15 kg
Manufacturer Trithon
Diameter 25


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