Training belts are the most widely used equipment accessorie for weightlifting and come in a myriad of variants. We typically have 3 different belts which can be divided into the following:

Weightlifting belts

Weight Lifting Belt These weightlifting belts are designed to be relatively narrow with a smaller recess at the front of the belt, making it easier to move forwards during training when wearing the belt. The weightlifting belt is generally a little thinner than the strengthlifting belt and more flexible. It is good for all-round users who want to gain more safety in training when lifting heavy and near their maximum in squat and deadlift. The belts are available in both leather and neoprene according to your wishes. There is not a big difference between them, purely in terms of functionality, but more in terms of personal reasons.

Powerlifting belts

The powerlift belts at Trithon Sport are of high quality and 100% real leather. They can have a thickness of 10 mm and up to 13 mm, which is the maximum approved in the strengthlifting competitions. The power lift belts are easy to open with their different quick locks, and are not that flexible. They provide maximum tension and are similar all the way around the loin, so they can cut a little if you are not used to these. Their thickness make them deplete minimally and will last for a long time.

Dipping belts

Dip belts are used for workouts where you use your own body weight in pullups and dips, and works by putting weight discs through the chain and thereby increasing your weight. They are available in both neoprene and leather and work the same way.
Minimal Price: 76.00