DKTRI Outdoor Timer

Take time out of the exercise outdoors with this watch, which has larger numbers (5 ") than standard watches with powerful diode lights that can be seen far away. The watch is protected to withstand light rain and a temperature from -10 to +50 degrees with humidity up to 95%, making the watch ideal for swimming pools and other humid environments.

The watch is intended for a fixed 220 volt power source, which comes with a remote control with up to 50 meters range.

The clock has default interval programs like TABATA, Fight-Gone-Bad and the ability to make their own intervals. In addition, the timer can also be used as a normal watch when not trained.

Note that the watch is not definitely waterproof and can not be used under water.

If you do not have power outside, you can purchase an external rechargeable battery pack and mount as a power source with up to 8 hours of service life.
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Powerful watch that can hang outside in temperatures from -10 and up to 50 degrees. The timer has a number of larger 13 cm high diodes with powerful light and is ideal for functional training, outdoor running and interval training where you can hang the watch a visible place and train for the intervals you need. Ability to make their own programs.

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Trithon


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