Pegboard 180 cm - untreated

Pegboard climbing board to hang on the wall and train climbing, grip and grip skills.

With its 180 cm length, this pegboard is suitable for setting up in a box or similar training centers. The pegboard has staggered holes and 2 sticks are included to insert into the holes as you get up the board.

Peg board climbing boards are popular with their staggered holes where you can practice climbing and get a solid training of the body's core muscles and especially the upper body. You put a rod in a hole and pull up, then place the other rod in the next hole so you slowly get up the board.

You can also use the pegboard to train your body by lifting your legs against the wall and pulling up your arms. Watch the video below for more information on how to use a peg board for your workout.
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Solid pegboard with offset holes. This peg board is 180 cm long, 30 cm wide and 4 cm thick and suitable for people who want to climb the wall using the included rods.

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Maybritt Krewald


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