Genuine suede leather PL Strength Belt - 10 mm

10 mm thick training belt for strength training. The belt is made of heavy-duty leather and is fitted with a lever belt buckle that easily closes by simply pulling it to the side.

The belt is perfect for heavy strength training like death lift and similar exercises where you want the optimal cavity pressure before lifting. By tensioning correctly in its core, it is possible to lift heavier and safer in the heavy lift.The practical lever buckle makes it easy to open the belt. The buckle is pulled straight to the side to loosen it when you have finished lifting and being able to breathe in the weather while waiting for the next lift. Then push the buckle forward again to lock it.

The sizes can be individual depending on how much fat your stomach is but are indicated for the following indicative sizes, measured at the navel and around the life:S / M: 78 - 94 cmL / XL: 93-110 cmNote that you can change the lever to blank or other designs if you wish.
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Strength lifts belts differ from weightlifting belts, because they have the same width all the way around. The strength belts are also in pure leather without extra support behind, where the weight lifting belts have a pillow at the loin. Strength lift belts come in 10 to 13 mm thick where the weight lifting belts come about 6 mm thick. This means that most belt belts can be difficult to bend but most belts will become softer over time.

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Trithon


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