Tietze wood pellets 6 mm - 896 kg

Wood pellets 6 mm for pellet stoves, that gives good warmth for a very good price. The pellets are delivered on a pallet with a total of 56 pcs 16 kg bags and the more pallets you buy, the more money you save.

This wood pellet is in 6 mm with a low ash value of maximum 0.5% and water content of 6-8%.
The wood pellet itself is light and with a good calorific value of 4 8 kWh for pellet stoves. If you want to use the pellet for horse boxes and the like, you can soak it in water after which it expands and can be used as bedding.

The wooden pellets come in a transparent bag that proves that the manufacturer is not afraid to show the content. High quality with minimal pulp and without binders and additives

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Product Description


The pallet contains a total of 56 bags where each bag weighs 16 kg.

It is important to note if the pallet can be placed at the house if you are not home and if there are specific delivery instructions this should also be noted when ordering. The wood pellets are also supplied with a truck so they can be delivered on surfaces other than asphalt which means they can be delivered on gravel roads, driveways and the like.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Trithon


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