Trithon Benchpress PowerBand

Break the barrier in your bench press and move on using heavier weights with Trithon Sport's smart Benchpress PowerBand.

The band is in strong stage 2 elastic material that is stiffer than ordinary woven wraps and which helps the bench bench exercise according to the SlingShot principle. By pulling the cuffs over the arms and lowering the barbell to the chest, the elastic will tighten up and push the arms upwards, thereby providing a supportive effect

The benchpress band lasticity also reduces stress over the shoulder, while providing an opportunity to increase your maximum lift by 5-15%. The psychic aspect where you train past the "wall" can be used later when you do not use PowerBand and return to the raw lift.

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Product Description


The band is designed according to the SlingShot principle, placing them on the arms, and when the barbell is lowered to the chest at the bottom at the bottom of the lift, the elastic over the chest will tighten up and give a lifting /bouncing effect. Available in sizes from Small/Medium to 3XL

PowerBand's recommended sizes are calculated according to the athlete's body weight and is only indicative. It does not mean that it exactly meets your needs, as there are big differences in body composition. People taller than190 cm are advised to go up in size if in doubt

60 - 70 kg: S/M
70 - 80 kg: L
80 - 95 kg: XL
95 - 120 kg: 2XL
120 kg - : 3XL

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Trithon


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