Trithon Pro Curve treadmill

This curved treadmill is a new development of the traditional treadmills and also a further development of other curve treadmills, as this model has brakes that can be activated if one feels that the speed becomes too high.

The treadmill is without wires and thus has no maximum speed or minimum speed - the faster you can run, the faster the tape spins. The tape can easily be rolled to the place you want to run.

The curve treadmill has powerful slats that provide extra slip resistance and can drive as fast as you like.

The treadmill requires no power and gives a real feeling for the race. If you need to stop the treadmill fast, you can pull the resistor handle and lower the speed. The handle can also be used to give more resistance during the race.

A display is mounted on the treadmill that detects speed, kcal, time and duration of the race.

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Curved treadmill without wires and where you decide how fast you want to run. The treadmills like the GymWay and Assault Airrunner models are powered by the user's own race - that is, there is no power for the treadmill. The faster you run the faster the tape moves.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Trithon
Running surface No
dimensioner No
Engine No
Foldable No
display No
Incline No
maxbrugervaegt No
Weight No


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