Trithon Hip Band

Hip Bands provide effective warming of the muscles in the legs before the heavy lift, as well as a good help to train the knee's wandering in squat and similar exercises.

The band comes in several sizes and is measured in inches. A 26 "band is 26 inches in circumference (about 65 cm) and therefore it will fit with your knees at a distance of about 33 cm and upwards. A minimum of 5 cm should be added to prevent the band from slipping down easily and if in doubt it is better to go down in size. The smaller the diameter, the stronger the resistance will be in the walk.

To find the perimeter you need, you can make a single jump and then stand up naturally. The distance from the knees measured on the outside will be the band you need.

The strap is extremely strong and is in stage 2 dimensions, which is 50% less elastic than normal wraps. The smaller the diameter of the band, the stronger the resistance of the tape will be when it is pushed outwards
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Practical hip circle bands for training squats and similar exercises where you want your knees to be pushed outwards in the exercise. In addition, these hip bands are good for warming the muscles in the legs in conjunction with strength training.

Example of squat training with hip circle bands
Place the band over the knee and do air squats before the heavy squats. Make sure your knees are pressed against the hip band.

Examples of warm ups with hip band Place the hip band straight over your knee and walk 20 steps forward, 20 steps back and 10 steps from side to side and get a good warming of the gluteus muscles and back muscles in the hip before the heavy lift

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Additional Information

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