Læder wrap - Brun

This leather wrist wrap protector is made of sturdy 30 mm leather with a width of 7.5 cm to protect the wrist.

This model is suitable for bodybuilders and people who want to be sure to have some wrist protectors that covers extra wide, but can also be used in connection with osteoarthritis where you want protection and support of the wrist.

The wrist protector is made of real leather, which will soften over time but is already soft from the start and fits most wrists. The straps are long enough to fit both thick and thin wrists.

The wrist protector is sold individually with 1 piece. If you want for both wrists, buy 2.
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Leather wrist wraps for wrist protection. Wrist protector of real leather and with straps closed with buckles. Wrist protectors only get softer and smoother over time, but these wraps are in soft leather from the start so they sit well on the wrist. There are enough holes in the straps for the wrist protector to fit all types of wrists.

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Additional Information

Manufacturer Trithon


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