Trithon Mark II Power Bar - 29 mm

Trithon Power Bar Mark II is a 29mm modern dual knurl hybrid men's barbell with a breaking strength of 230,000 PSI and 900kg which can be used whether you are doing bench press or squats. This is the barbell for those who want a solid training bar that does not break.

The barbell weighs 20 kg with 220 cm length and can handle up to 900 kg without being permanently bent.
Perfect for those who want a good barbell that lasts for many years.

The barbell has 2 markings placed on the bar, so you can place your hands according to the lift you want to make. The barbell has 50 mm collars for standard Olympic weight plates, and has a diameter of 29 cm in the grip, providing a sturdy bar that is sufficiently rigid for your strength lifting while being made of spring steel for good whip and bounce.

The knurling on the Mark II Powerbar is medium without scratching the hands and with a combination of both simple bushing bearings and oil-lubricated needle bearings, the collars on the bar rotate in a smooth balance without spinning too fast but at the same time fast enough to not use force in the wrists to rotate the rod in your snatch.

The bar is coated with hardened chrome for a good protection against rust and wear.
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Trithon Power Bar Mark II is a modern 29mm diameter hybrid barbell and the rings are positioned to indicate proper lifting distance for both strength lifting and weightlifting. The barbell is a good bar for workout as it has a thickness of 29 mm in the grip and the following dimensions and markings:

Weight: 20 kg
Length: 220 cm
Length between collars: 130 cm
Knurling rings placed: 20,5 samt 25,5 cm from the collars.
Width between markings: 77 cm and 88 cm
Tensile strength: 230.000 PSI

Note that IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) regulations have stated that there must be 81 cm from edge to edge of the PL markings and since this has 2 rings of 77 and 88 cm respectively, this is not a barbell for IPF, but a hybrid barbell that can be used for training purposes with both WL and PL markings. The weight of the bar can vary by +/- 2%.
If you want a specific Powerlifting bar, the original Trithon Power Bar will comply with the international IPF approved specifications.

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Additional Information

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